How do you design a transition to something new, right now?

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projektowanie rozwiązań dla edukacji, czyli design thinking po polsku 2020


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A plan is great until you get punched in the mouth. So said Mike Tyson. Every leader at every level in school feels like they’re on Round 9 of a never-ending match at the moment. In this session, Ewan McIntosh will share some techniques, tools and suggestions of what you can do now, in the mid-term, and into the year ahead. We aim to help leaders and practitioners catch their breath, and then think on their feet in a more sustainable, less exhausting way.

Ewan will give a short introduction with some key ideas that might work, provoke a short breakout discussion with fellow colleagues, and bring together some of the key takeaways you can put into action.

Ewan McIntosh – founded consulting firm NoTosh a decade ago from his kitchen table in Edinburgh, growing it to offices in Melbourne, Adelaide, New York and Toronto. He and his team work with people in schools, universities and companies to help them identify and overcome their greatest challenges, to work better together and rethink the environment in which they learn.



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